October 2022

Budgeting For Data Analytics In 2023

Business leaders are constantly striving to make decisions to improve the bottom line so their companies can grow and become more profitable. Data analytics tools offer significant capabilities for strengthening a business, and their results are ever-present in many of today’s high-performance companies. But having data and using data are two completely different things. When should you plan the financial investment in 2023 for the right data tools to clean up, model, and provide your team with the best information?

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Are Custom Applications Limitless?

Building a custom web application is the only way to design a unique app that suits your specific business needs. There are no defined regulations to follow, so your application and process flow are precisely how you want them. Your creativity is your only limiting factor. Custom is an especially great approach for complex or enterprise-level business web applications. So, while custom has all these appealing options, are the web applications really limitless?

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