3D visuals allow users to discover how things work, so it provokes them to expand their interaction time.

FocustApps partnered with our client, FYX™, on developing 3-Dimensional (3D) feature enhancements for their mobile application. We created unique features included a 3-D truck and chasse rendering. The purpose of the application was for truck drivers to have the ability to determine damage after a driving incident has taken place. The 3-D rendering allows the driver to view specific area selections of the vehicle to determine where damage has occurred. The drive can then contact the proper facility for a repair and describe the damaged area.

We can also design mobile apps to feature 3D. If you are using an augmented feature, you can actually place the 3D design in the real world. 3D offers users a full view of the product they desire to purchase or even the concept of how a product works. The sense of dimension that you are viewing on the mobile application in 3D seems real and tangible, making it more appealing. The idea of seeing or rotating something gives the purchaser the ability to better understand before making a final decision.

Using 3D visuals in a mobile application is a great way to hold your user’s concentration. The visuals we create allow users to discover how something works and provokes them to expand their interaction time through exploration.  This interactivity enhances the value of a mobile application, elevate your brand, and keep users returning for more.

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