By using Augmented Reality (AR) we are helping mobile app users see a whole new world.

We are leading the way in mobile app design with the usage of AI to create better experiences for our clients. Only the surface has been scratched of what AR can do on mobile devices. We realize new connected devices, advancing technology, and better insights into a successful design will only enhance interactions with each other and the world around us. So, we dove into the world of AR to continue to develop with this advancing technology.

Our mobile applications using AR make a jump from design to a powerful way of learning. Multiple industries can benefit from AI. We can create programs to take an object apart, then put back together, or test, and retest. Our concepts take these options for experimentation and learning to a new level.

Using an AR app for iPhone and Android, our clients have the ability to virtually place products within a room or environment. This type of AR builds sales and allows users a way to design a space and virtually “try before you buy.” AR also provides easy and convenient ways for users to get accustomed to using new products. These types of AR can be used for machinery, smart home appliances, or even car dashboards.

Being able to create a new layer on top of the real world can feel like a supernatural power. So much so, we created a special R&D room in our office space for further development of this extraordinary technology.

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