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Why We Chose A Hybrid Workspace

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to recede, most businesses have begun plans for returning employees to their offices. While each business’s strategy varies from one another, it seems the future for most employees will likely be a blend of flexible in-office and remote work. So while it appears it may be easier to either manage employees by returning them to the office or everyone just stays remote, the general consensus is that most employees want flexible options.

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Why You Should Invest In Software Now

Before COVID-19, technology grew steady through budget increases as businesses transformed their processes, models, and strategies. However, the pandemic drastically changed companies’ approach in the second quarter of 2020 as technology investment plans showed a massive shift.

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Top Three Benefits Of Auditing IT Systems

Regardless of the size and type of organization, every business should audit its IT system. Audits offer crucial insights into the computing systems and the business processes to assess for areas of improvement or shortcomings. The main objective in performing IT audits is to determine if there are any inaccuracies and inefficiencies in the management and use of the system. Even if your business is not currently facing trouble with potential risks, auditing is a way to see any upcoming issues before they hit. So, here are the three top benefits of IT auditing.

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Mobile App

Choosing Native Apps or PWAs

We often get asked the question about which is better Native App or PWA (Progressive Web Apps)? To answer, we always start with the difference – native apps are written to run on mobile devices while PWAs are written to run inside of web browsers. On average, most businesses do prefer native mobile apps to reach their audiences due

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Software Maintenance

Why Custom Software Maintenance Is Significant

Creating custom software applications can never be just “one-and-done.” When developing an app, it’s equally important to plan for maintenance changes and updates. Keeping your system healthy and running is equally as important as the development.

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