Five Reasons to Outsource to Onshore Development Companies

Since custom software often has a sizeable ROI, most businesses choose to have it developed due to the considerable benefits it provides. However, initial costs can cause sticker shock, so outsourcing to cheaper offshore options looks like a great solution. But, often these partnerships don’t save you money in the long run because it comes with various downsides. Here are just a few benefits of working with local, onshore software developers.

You Share The Same Time Zone

Time differences are the most serious problem when working with an offshore software company. The inability to solve problems quickly delays the development process because you can’t communicate promptly. Local, onshore development companies are available during the standard office hours for a large portion of the local time zones.  So, if any urgent questions need to be addressed immediately, it happens on time. Getting answers fast is especially important in the later stages of software development when beta-testing phase issues may require an immediate response. Offshore replies often lose urgency in the extreme time zone differences.

You Speak the Same Language 

While the developer’s native language is the code and shared equally by all, speaking English plays a considerable role in the development process. Even slight language barriers when working with software can turn into a disaster.  And, if you require any maintenance after the product development phase is complete, you will need precise communication. 

All Parties Comply with the Same Laws

Protecting your intellectual property and sensitive data is of the highest importance when you have invested in creating your custom software. When working with an onshore company, you know all the local laws will protect you should there be a situation where something goes awry. No one wants to be concerned whether their confidential data is being shared during collaboration and could be compromised.

You Choose the Best Team 

The right team is the best way to create a top-notch software solution. When gathering information about an onshore company, you can easily browse reviews and set up video or face-to-face meetings. You can also more easily check out their projects and talk to past clients. 

All this is much harder to do when the development business is located far away on a different continent.

You Share Similar Work Cultures

Offshore development companies have a drastically different work culture which requires an adjustment on both ends. So, while the “getting to know each other’s culture” process can be overcome with time, why would anyone want to delay their software development because of it.

Because onshore developers don’t have extreme differences in time zones, values, and traditions, they offer a higher level of collaboration. Developing with a local, onshore team increases your chances of success. If custom software development is an integral part of your company’s growth, give us a call at 502-907-6593 to learn more about FocustApps and how we can help.