Five Reasons Why You Should Update Your SharePoint

Any business with multiple locations or off-site employees can benefit from SharePoint –  especially since it’s essential that all remote employees feel included. SharePoint makes sure that every employee has instant access to the business intelligence and mission-critical documents they need. But not only that, today’s out-of-the-box customization for SharePoint is now easier to make yours with the ability to customize themes. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting your SharePoint updated.

1. Customized Forms With MS Power Apps

SharePoint Integrates with Microsoft Power Apps and can modify forms while matching your brand. An example will be: if you have multiple appliances with different updating software for that equipment, Power Apps can pull together the relevant information, such as a list of equipment and software to update the equipment and view all the data together. The best part is you don’t have to write your customized SharePoint solution to do it!

2. Top-Notch Collaboration

Whether in the office or off-site, SharePoint makes sure that every employee has instant access to the critical documents they need. In today’s world, all team members must understand how to communicate and collaborate. SharePoint features version controls that track every single edit made to a document, along with the time it occurred and the person responsible. Moreover, only one person can access the file at a time to prevent duplicate work. 

3. Increases Productivity

How many hours per week does your team spend digging through the archives to find a file? SharePoint consolidates all documents on their platform, so it’s as simple as a few clicks when they search for what they need.

4. Improves Data Management

Most companies’ vast data can pertain to different projects, belong to other teams, and be submitted in different formats and sizes. Using SharePoint, users can control the exact data points they need without sifting through tons of data they don’t need.

5. Simplified Business Functions

SharePoint includes various out-of-the-box workflows designed to automate business functions, processes, and more. Employees can even integrate them with familiar client applications, email programs, and web browsers for a consistent and straightforward user experience.

FocustApps has designers that can create SharePoint to match your brand and style, plus we can help you get your SharePoint current and delivering what you need. So, don’t leave updating your SharePoint on the back burner if you don’t have a dedicated SharePoint person. Contact us at 502.907.6593 to learn how we can help.