How to Choose Your Cloud Partner

When selecting a cloud partner, most businesses look to the big three — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). However, as more and more companies move to these providers, choosing which is a business fit is done by knowing your requirements plus determining the partner who is best suited based on your current IT investments. So, here are some thoughts to consider when choosing these cloud services.

Google Cloud Platform

GCP has garnered 6% of the market share. And, with their lower fees, they are an excellent service for smaller apps or if your business is already heavily invested in Google products. GCP is also great if your company does a lot of research & development or proof of concept work. 

Amazon Web Services

AWS has been in the game the longest and has captured the largest market share, with 33%. Their well-known name and reputation are great if you need more than what GCP offers or if your work is project-dependent. Investment-wise, they more efficiently price than Azure.

Microsoft Azure

Azure has 13% and has the highest investment cost. However, if you are already invested in Microsoft products, it makes sense to make them your choice since many organizations that run Windows are offered free Azure credits.

With these three sharing only slightly over 50% of the market, choosing by name alone should not be the only reason. So, here are some additional thoughts when selecting a provider:


Security is a top concern in the cloud. So, consider what security features are offered for each cloud provider and which additional paid services are available from the providers themselves. Both AWS and GCP  make that process relatively simple by listing their security features on their websites.


Make sure you choose a cloud architecture platform that can help you meet any compliance standards applying to your industry or organization. Also, understand your responsibilities and which aspects of compliance the provider can help you with.


You need to consider how the architecture will be incorporated into your workflows today and moving forward. If your organization is already invested heavily in Microsoft, it might make sense to proceed with Azure. If your organization relies more on Amazon or Google services, consider looking to those providers for easy integration.


Support is another factor requiring consideration. If you need help, you will most likely need it quickly and simply. Support typically comes through a chat service or call center. Be sure to determine upfront which level and form of support you require before choosing a cloud provider.


While it should never be your single most crucial factor, cost always plays a significant role in deciding which partner to choose. As we mentioned above, it is helpful to look at both prices and where your product investment already lies.

There are lots of options to consider when choosing a cloud partner. FocustApps can help you find the perfect fit for your business. For more details, contact us at 502-907-6593.