Improve Business Efficiency with Custom Workflow Applications

Almost all businesses use the internet as a central place for daily operations. While the convenience of the internet is excellent, often, the functionality of pre-built web applications loaded with features you don’t need can slow work as well as hinder your client’s ability to interact with your business. Using a custom application created specifically for your workflow not only makes your business operations faster and simpler but can help your clients as well. Below are four critical reasons why using a custom web application developed specifically for your business increases workflow.

Everything Works Easier, Faster

All businesses need to cover multiple operations daily, and time may not always be on their side. Custom web applications developed for your workflow simplify tasks as well as make work performance faster. The application helps your business save time wasted by employees doing ordinary tasks that web applications can handle and saves revenue that would have been paid to employees for extra work hours.

An example would be a recent application FocustApps developed for increasing efficiency with managing work orders. The manual process it replaced was time-consuming and required employee effort that could be spent on revenue-creating tasks.  The new custom web application combined convenience and efficiency as well as access to real-time data through a portal. It optimized the workers’ daily routine, provided instant access to work orders, and eliminated paper billing to make the process easier for the team.

Maintain Multiple Customer Accounts Easily

Most businesses have numerous customers and need to maintain multiple forms of information and data from each one. These tasks can be daunting, and if handled inefficiently become a money pit through wasted employee time. Custom web applications make managing accounts more straightforward; plus, for even higher efficiency a business can allow clients access to some web application portions. This process makes work more efficient and creates bonding through an interactive client experience with few to zero errors in managing accounts.

More Security

Custom web applications can store your business data remotely in the cloud with your chosen security features. Using the cloud assures that even if a device gets damaged, you can still access your data, and your businesses will run as usual without interruptions. Additionally, you can securely access your information from any device or location. 

Adding A Mobile Application

In some cases,  a business may need a mobile application to companion with the web app to increase productivity. When you have a custom application created specifically for your workflow, adding a mobile version is more straightforward.  An example of adding an application is a survey app designed by FocustApps. The mobile app version uses forms to collect data for businesses in a warehouse setting. These mobile forms provide details to the web application on what products work, or how well current equipment works, or even if it doesn’t. It shows details on failure and successes, as well as provide information on wear and tear. These details then help the business determine which future investments to make based on performance through the mobile application’s knowledge on how products or equipment work best in specific environments. 

We can help you determine the best approach when moving from purchased web apps to developing a custom application. Reach out to Blake Patterson today at 502.907.6593 for more details on how we can help you get started.