LSS Life Safety Services is an industry leader in fire & life safety services. They proudly are a partner in fire safety with some of the top healthcare facilities and most widely recognized companies in the world.

LSS approached FocustApps to develop a retail product/web application and mobile application offering the ability to do fire door inspections in buildings. Their desire was to levere the latest technology to equip facility managers with the skill sets they need to perform in-house inspections that ensure the installation and best safety practices are occurring in their facilities.

FocustApps created the application Safenetix, a product exclusively for facility and maintenance managers to do fire door inspections. The mobile application provides a method to walk the managers through the process of door safety inspections and allows them to sign off on the inspection. This improved digitized process saves both time and payroll expense. Reports can be run on the web application to show all inspections and their results to a customer.

FocustApps developed Safenetix Mobile App

  • Equips users with tools to perform field inspections
  • Users can walk through the process of safety report using forms on the application
  • Easy to complete code-mandated inspections
  • Offers reporting requirements needed for AHJ inspectors

FocustApps developed Safenetix software:

  • Web-portal to control the Safenetix Mobile Application
  • Offers safety training and certifications
  • Live Syncing to update inspections