Below we present some details and thoughts to consider when deciding on a PWA or a Native App

Below we present some details and thoughts to consider when deciding on a PWA or a Native App


Progressive Web Applications make perfect sense when used to replace a mobile version of a website. If the site is built in HTML 5, you can get your PWA out quickly, otherwise there may be some time investment in converting. Below are some reasons why you might want your mobile website to be a PWA.

  • Most mobile versions of websites can have long loading times, using a PWA can greatly shorten load time
  • A PWA will perform all of the necessary functions utilizing a web browser instead of installing software
  • Your content doesn't jump while the page loads
  • PWA websites are extremely responsive on tablets & mobile devices
  • If you are selling through your website a PWA might make sense


Mobile Apps created with Native App software make sense if you are seeking a mobile app to sell or offer through the app store. Cross-platform Native apps are designed to run on almost all mobile operating systems and can be a huge time saver. Below are reasons why you might want to create a mobile app.

  • They access all the functionality of the chosen devices quickly and run on all the devices, such as Android phones, tablets, or Apple iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
  • Mobile apps provide fast, feature-rich experience
  • Push Notifications are also easier to enable and disable when used on native apps
  • A mobile Native App won't require any website development or changes to your website
  • Since it uses an app store, a Native App can have desired revenue streams attached to app usage
  • Does not require constant connectivity to access a website so mobile broadband is not necessarily required to use the app
  • No browser limitations

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