Top Mobile App Development Trends 2021

Every year brings its share of new technologies that push the envelope of what can be achieved in mobile app development. So in keeping up with the 2021 trends, here are our top six on what is expected to be shaping mobile app development in 2021.

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Every year brings its share of new technologies that push the envelope of what can be achieved in mobile app development. So in keeping up with the 2021 trends, here are our top six on what is expected to be shaping mobile app development in 2021.

More Focus On Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI in mobile devices has been around for several years through artificial assistants who perform tasks and interact with users – such as Apple’s Siri. Every year these voice assistants improve by learning user behaviors to provide a more accurate and personalized experience. The same is happening with chatbots. This form of AI allows businesses to automate the most frequent interactions, saving payroll dollars, and employee time. By the end of 2020, 85% of customer interactions were handled without a human. Users are becoming more used to text and voice-based interactions, and Chatbot platforms make it easier to implement solutions. It is considered the new frontier in user interfaces for mobile apps in 2021.

Augmented Reality (AR) Is Improving Fast
While AR is not new, it is getting better and becoming more pervasive every year, now reaching unprecedented levels.  Applications for this technology are now penetration further into the business world for such markets as security, health, training, and industrial maintenance. Apple has advanced this technology by introducing a mobile framework to enhance augmented reality experiences in custom apps. ARKit is taking the AR experience into the outdoors by using location points that allow developers to place virtual content in relation to anchors in the real world, such as points of interest in a city.

5G Technology
The next generation of cellular networks is expected to reach the entire US market by 2021/22. Experimental tests and researches show 5G is faster, cheaper, and more stable. While the mobile device needs to fit the 5G requirements, the substantial advantages are improved content, better video-based experiences – including 4k video streaming, and the bandwidth to handle heavy Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality apps. 

The Internet Of Things Is Almost Everything
Almost every gadget or appliance you can think of is being built with Internet access.  Connecting your house, car, or office with your electronic devices creates a unified system that your smartphone can easily manage. Smart Homes are growing in numbers and becoming a game-changing topic when developing mobile apps. Because, frankly, there is no better way to control your home, car, or office behavior than by using what you have with you always – your phone.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
Users abandon apps and web pages that take too much time to load. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) provides a way to boost a web page’s performance and improve its load time. It recently has been gaining popularity among web development because of its effectiveness. On the other hand, Progressive Web Applications are web apps that behave like a mobile native app to create a reliable, fast, and engaging experience. While these technologies do have a place, there is appeal since they require less development cost than developing a traditional native application.

Pay For Everything With Mobile Wallets
Step aside, cash, credit, and debit cards. The wallet of the future is your mobile phone, and that future is 2021. Mobile payment options, such as Apple Pay, are snowballing in usage. This popular option is projected to be 36% of all users making mobile payments by the end of this year. Mobile developers will be adding mobile payment capabilities to their 2021 toolbox since mobile-ready payment gateways are growing.

Mobile app development is constantly changing –  so if you’re building a mobile app using knowledge from five years ago, your presence in the market will be very limited. We can help you develop the app your business needs to be successful. To learn more, contact Blake Patterson today at 502.907.6593 for details on how we can build you the mobile app you need in 2021.

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