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So our clients achieve their business goals, we make it our goal to develop superior software solutions. We are committed to creating innovative, robust, and rich end-user experiences. We are also committed to getting our clients comprehensive quotes, no guessing, just facts. We uncover and consider all aspects of building their software solutions so we can get the closest pricing. And since we strive to be the best, we only hire exceptional employees who produce the very best.

Affiliate Connect

TrueSource approached FocustApps to develop an application that would significantly improve the speed and efficiency of workorder management and make the entire process simpler. FocustApps created a software application and mobile app- combining convenience and efficiency- to create many amazing features.

FYX Fleet

FYX needed a more modern and consolidated reporting system for their dispatchers. To match their growth model, we build a new system to improve vendor response time, dispatch time, completion time, the ability to handle more incidents per day, and therefore close more incidents per day. To resolve the situation, FocustApps built a suite of custom mobile applications for vendors and drivers and a central web application for dispatchers that displayed a customized view of multiple reports from multiple sources.

RAAMS by Concentric

Concentric approached FocustApps to develop power management software that remotely monitors and manages batteries and chargers for on-site material handling maintenance, forklift and AVG power, critical power, and AGV services. Our solution provides Information that continually uploads to Concentric’s cloud where it’s automatically analyzed. Additionally, out of compliance equipment data is converted into corrective service alerts or automated charge profile adjustments. The solution takes the mystery out of the battery box and enables charger systems to meet the specific needs of batteries and optimize performance like never before.


FocustApps created Safe-CHECK, an app-based, safety assessment program for checking safety on loading docks and doors, dock levelers, entry points, HVLS fans and any other areas required for using the Safe-CHECK app to search for safety concerns.

Harris Services

Harris Cleaning Services was looking for a website solution that allowed their customers to explore the variety of services in an exciting and professional web space. Our solution was a blend of contemporary UI design and a unique style that complemented the companies attributes.


Fun and engaging drawing app that utilizes a prompt generator to assist the creative process.

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[DUMMY TEXT] FocustApps is committed to creating innovative, robust, and superior software solutions for our clients. We believe our clients need to put their data to work. We came to the realization that our clients were manually looking at data from multiple sources to get a glimpse of the company’s overall health. FocustApps was able to resolve this business need with combination of the company’s data visualization tool and our web application to create Report Center.

FocustApps was able to implement a web application for our clients that pooled data from their data visualization tool to create a seamless and real-time look at company statistics. By creating Report Center, we allowed different divisions across the company to assess specific data pertaining to their department in a singular location.

FocustApps believes that when a company makes a decision, they shouldn’t be guessing as to what the impact will be. Instead, we want to give our clients a clear and concise picture to make the most calculated decision possible.

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