Building Software Applications
For Construction Solutions

Leave the dark ages behind. Through our high-level, transparent process, we join forces with our clients to develop their robust software applications and solutions.

What We Can
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Our Team creates your vision by gathering information and requirements so we ensure every software application built for your business will focus on delivering your desired outcomes. We are driven through your satisfaction, so we listen to your ideas and create answers through your vision. Using the multiple layers of expertise within our company, we develop clear solutions for our clients to ensure the final deliverable provide the best results.

Our Services

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Web Applications

FocustApps develops all types of software applications. We use proven methods for planning, building, and launching apps while continually researching and innovating to create the best solutions.

Mobile Applications

More and more of our clients rely on mobile applications through tablets and smartphones as a way to be more productive. We are creating their solutions for these endpoints.


Our Team of experts creates and test designs in clear and visually appealing ways. We believe in collaboration with our clients and end-users to gather crucial feedback.

Business Intelligence

Our clients need to put their data to work. Our BI processes solve their overall data needs and create their custom reporting and dashboards including embedded BI and Cloud Integration.

Our Portfolio

See how we provide top quality solutions for multiple businesses in several industries.

How We Can Help

How We
Can Help

Efficient Collaboration: FocustApps streamlines collaboration, providing a centralized platform for real-time communication and project management, ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page.

Cost Management: FocustApps’ data analytics tools empower construction companies to make informed decisions, optimizing resource allocation and preventing costly overruns.

Streamlined Processes: With FocustApps, manual processes become a thing of the past. Our custom applications and integrations automate data capture and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

Compliance Assurance: FocustApps’ compliance-focused solutions keep construction companies up-to-date with changing regulations, ensuring that projects remain in compliance at all times.

Enhanced Mobility: FocustApps’ mobile and cloud-based technologies provide your team with instant access to project data, enabling on-site decision-making and reducing response times to issues.

Our Process

1. discovery

We start with your ideas and your vision.

2. design

We work together to design the best product.

3. develop

We build your product.

4. deploy

We complete your vision.

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