Five Reasons Web Apps Were Important In 2020

Web apps are the future, and 2020 made that fact just more apparent. Last year was a lesson in their importance as accessibility significantly impacted the way businesses were operating.

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Having a Web App is the future, and 2020 made that fact just more apparent. Last year was a lesson in the importance of a web app as accessibility significantly impacted the way businesses were operating. They quickly became a crucial resource in development strategies as companies rapidly changed from the office to work-from-home environments in a matter of days. Here are five reasons why and how they will continue to be an advantage.

1. Access files from anywhere
Businesses that had web apps achieved a competitive edge in 2020.  With the power of desktop and mobile, web apps were an essential tool for growing business and keeping customers.  Innovative companies used their Internet-enabled apps and the mobile device’s web browser to give them a solid competitive edge, especially using smartphones to market goods and services direct to both regular and new customers.

2. Cross-platform capable
When the new work-from-home world happened, web applications eliminated the concern of whether or not company apps would continue to be effective and efficient. Their cross-platform capability for desktop, tablet, and other mobile devices continued to function without missing a beat, making them even more valuable to maintaining the business.  

3. No requirements 
Web apps avoid app store memberships, fees, and restrictions, so as business slowed in 2020, these non-expenses only helped bottom lines. They allowed companies to release their versions on their own time and steer away from app stores, and they updated themselves without the need for user intervention. 

4. Security
2020 was a challenging year for security. Work-from-home opened up all kinds of issues, and businesses needed to be hyper-aware of daily developing threats. Since web apps are designed for more privacy and a high-security level, companies felt confident in their protection. And, since users don’t update web apps, immediate improvements occurred to correct bugs and security issues for all environments, especially work-from-home. 

5. Support
Even during 2020 shut-downs, web apps offered options for enhanced customer support. They were the first line of contact between potential customers and the business. Web applications are intentionally developed so customer support is accessible at any time, and they helped drive customer loyalty even during a pandemic.

In 2020, businesses that had web applications rose to the top.  At FocustApps, we continue to help our clients understand how web applications are the best fit for their business solutions. We provide consultation and expertise to arrive at what best suits the business needs and then walk our clients through development procedures through our processes. Click HERE to learn more about how we can create the best solutions for your business.

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