Are Custom Applications Limitless?

Building a custom web application is the only way to design a unique app that suits your specific business needs. There are no defined regulations to follow, so your application and process flow are precisely how you want them. Your creativity is your only limiting factor. Custom is an especially great approach for complex or enterprise-level business web applications. So, while custom has all these appealing options, are the web applications really limitless?

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Custom web application development allows you to work with developers to get a solution for your specific business needs. You set the demands, so your result is an application that facilitates your particular process. However, any required integrations will likely add limiting requirements to your custom application. And, if you need to feed data to another system, you may need to reconsider the flow because the other system has limitations.

External systems can present some limitations for your custom application. This is especially fitting when utilizing data or pushing data. Every data point needs to be considered due to the requirements of the data recipient. Such as, if you need to ingrate with chat software, your functionality is limited by the chat software. And some external tool sets may have limited functionality as well. 

Limitations also occur when more outside parties are introduced to your custom web application. If you’re adding a mobile app, you will need to follow the rules for Apple and Google to be in their stores. And, if you need to integrate with SharePoint or SalesForce, some rules can complicate and limit your application, such as the platform complexity, no shared functions or code, or limited capabilities to manage and track code.

Custom web application development is also lengthy, with the main limitation here being budget. Bigger projects take more time, so every development piece along the way must commit more time. These include project management, full design, system architecture, project setup, coding development, and testing. As the project increases, every piece increases in time and cost.

The discovery process can also take longer when your options are unlimited. Gathering requirements can go down numerous “rabbit holes” to find solutions that cost more money. To help this process tighten up, at FocustApps, we utilize a “Funnel” approach. At the large end of the funnel opening is where we discover: what is your app, and what are the features you need?” Then we funnel down to the requirements of the features and end up at smaller end of the funnel with a total breakdown to start building the application.

All-in-all, true custom applications are the only way to design a unique answer that will suit specific business needs. So, while you may have some limitations to consider, ultimately, the resulting custom application will provide your particular process flow and business requirements. We can help you plan the best option for your business. Contact Becky Faith at 502.465.5104 for more details. 

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