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Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to rise, with the number of patent filings related to AI innovations in 2021 being 30 times greater than in 2015. And 2023 is setting up to prove only even more growth over 2022. AI is now more prevalent and encountered daily, sometimes without you even being aware. And the opportunities to have AI integrated into your business are no longer dependent on building it from scratch. Existing tools from services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (MS Azure), or Google now offer a range of cloud machine learning services.

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These latest tools from AWS, MS Azure, or Google offer AI for many opportunities, from enhancing customer experiences and boosting employee productivity to cutting costs and reducing fraud. Using these existing tools can more affordably deliver on business objectives and propel a digital transformation for almost every business, regardless of size. Finding the right place to start to apply machine learning is critical, so implementing practical, proven machine learning use cases can quickly provide real business impact. And an excellent place to start is understanding the differences between AWS, MS Azure, and Google.

AWS is the largest cloud provider with machine learning tools that cover various services for big and small businesses. They offer all the necessary tools for building machine learning models and have enormous space and power capacities so you can deploy ambitious projects. The pay-as-you-go system allows for quick scaling up or down, so you can respond to changing and challenging business needs. And AWS is used for some of the most challenging problems by augmenting human performance and maximizing productivity. 

MS Azure is another cloud giant that provides high-level cloud computing tools and simplifies the creation of cloud apps. It has a well-built infrastructure to cover all machine learning steps, from data gathering to model deployment. Plus, Azure Cognitive Services brings AI within reach of every business with leading models showing various use cases. 

Google Cloud’s AI tools provide the best of Google’s research and technology. Not as large as AWS or MS Azure, they focus exclusively on solving problems that matter and continuously update their tools so users can trust they are using the latest technology has to offer.  Google AI solutions will help enhance customer experiences, enable faster and better decision-making, optimize business processes, and solve common business problems.

AI is no longer a future dream that a business must wait to afford. The sooner a company can learn about the benefits of introducing artificial intelligence into their company, the better. Today’s industries need to have a deeper understanding of their consumers’ wants and preferences to succeed and remain relevant in today’s competitive market. Understanding and engaging customers using artificial intelligence helps automate business processes and increase productivity and revenue while lowering operational costs.

There is no better time than now to use AI for your business needs. And with the ability to use AWS, MS Azure, or Google tools, AI is now ready to transform every industry. We can help you select the right direction when adding AI to your business applications. Contact Becky Faith today at 502.465.5104 to learn more details.

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