Why Choose A Software Development Company Over A Family Member?

Having a robust custom-designed web application will give your business a competitive edge over the competition. So, when contemplating how to bring your app ideas to life, you might be tempted to enlist the help of a tech-savvy family member. While this approach might appear to be cost-effective and convenient, there are significant advantages to hiring a professional software development team. Here are ten reasons to consider:

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1. Professional Expertise and Vast Experience

Professional software companies have a vast reservoir of developers with different experiences. Their team has typically worked on numerous projects, encountered a variety of challenges, and has a systematic approach to developing software. This combined knowledge ensures your web application is high-quality, functional, and aligned with industry standards.

2. Dedicated Resources

Software development companies have teams of experts ranging from designers, developers, and quality assurance professionals to project managers. This selection of professionals ensures your app is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly.

3. Accountability and Reliability

Professional companies will be bound by a contract to ensure they deliver the project as per the agreed terms. They have a reputation to uphold, and they’ll be more committed to meeting deadlines and providing a quality product. In contrast, a family member might not feel the same level of professional obligation.

4. Scalability

As your business and app grow in popularity, it will require more functionality, maintenance, or updates. Software development companies can scale their services according to your needs, ensuring the app remains up-to-date and competitive.

5. Access to the Latest Tools and Technologies

Professional software developers constantly update their skills, allowing them to use the latest tools and technologies successfully. This skill development ensures your app will be designed using current best practices and will not quickly become obsolete.

6. Objective Feedback

A professional software company will provide unbiased feedback on your app idea and suggest improvements or changes that might not have occurred to you. A family member might have limited knowledge to provide impartial feedback or be hesitant to provide critical feedback to avoid offending you or your team.

7. Structured Development Process

Expert software development teams follow a structured process, from creativity, design, development, and testing to deployment. This ensures your app is thoroughly vetted at each stage and reduces the chances of errors or oversights.

8. Post-Development Support

After the development phase, apps require updates, bug fixes, and maintenance. A software business will typically offer post-development support to ensure any issues are promptly addressed.

9. Cost-Effectiveness

While hiring a family member might seem cheaper initially, the long-term costs of potential errors, lack of updates, or the need to redevelop the app can add up. Investing in a software professional company might have bigger upfront costs, but it ensures long-term value.

10. And Most Importantly – Clear Boundaries

Mixing business with family can strain relationships. If disagreements or issues arise, it might be harder to resolve them without personal feelings getting involved. By keeping your professional and personal relationships separate, you protect the dynamics of your family.

Investing in a team of professionals specializing in bringing digital visions to life is wise for a robust, functional, and competitive web application. Entrusting a family member with app development might seem like a convenient solution; however, the benefits of hiring a professional software development company will far outweigh the initial cost savings. Contact Becky Faith at 502.465.5104 to learn how FocustApps can help your business achieve its software goals.

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