Choosing Between A Mobile App Or A Mobile-Friendly Website

Whether to continue with a mobile-friendly website or develop a specific mobile app becomes a key question for businesses as technology changes more with each passing year. According to Broadband Search,  58.8 percent of the world’s population accesses the internet, and mobile traffic is up 222% from 2013-2019. Knowing this trend will only increase, businesses are determining to define which option is the most productive way to engage more users and drive more traffic? Here are some differences to consider between a mobile website and a mobile app.


Mobile App Development

Instead of using a browser to access a mobile website, mobile apps are downloaded directly to the phone so users can access information conveniently and directly. These occurrences are higher-quality and faster, making them incomparable with web browser experiences. Additionally, if your app needs access to phone hardware, the camera, or location setting, then developing a mobile application is the absolute choice.


Mobile apps excel when the product offering is something a user might do every day. They allow users to pay directly for purchases and track any rewards while making shopping and browsing experiences more fun and convenient. Mobile apps also have the capability for direct marketing by using badges as reminders as well as to drive more traffic. These qualities make them perfect for a dedicated, devoted group who will use the app for both long-term or in short bursts.


Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile versions of websites must have a responsive design working for different screen sizes such as tablets and phones. FocustApps uses this practice when designing a website for clients by specifically testing and retesting on all devices, so the correction version shows up automatically when a user logs on. Mostly, these mobile websites are customized versions of the regular website specifically created for the best device experience. Because mobile websites are accessible across all platforms, they can be easily shared as well as have a more excellent reach capability through a web search.


Businesses with temporary reliance may not need a mobile app since the usage is limited by time or a specific need. If a service or business is only occasionally needed or thought about, choosing a mobile-friendly website is a great alternative. This perspective is especially true for event-based apps, such as festivals or pop-up shops. So, depending on the time involved in the website creation, a responsive mobile site can be more cost-efficient than developing a mobile application. Plus, mobile-optimized sites are ranked higher in search engine results pages than sites that are not and allow for greater brand visibility and higher website traffic.


Ultimately, every business has requirements that are different. So, the decision should be based on their products, services, and desired reach. At FocusApps, we are experts in both designing and developing mobile apps and websites, so we can help your business find the best answer. Contact Blake Patterson at 502.907.6593 to learn more.