Cross-Platform Native Verses Progressive Web Apps

With the recent development of cross-platform tools, there comes the quandary of which is the best option for a business – Cross-Platform Native or Progressive Web Apps? Both can offer quicker implementation speed and less cost in development time. However, to understand the differences, you need to understand the facts. Here are some to consider:


If you need your app out quickly, Progressive Web Applications are accessed from a mobile browser and might be a faster way to get into the hands of your users. However, to achieve the best user experience, there needs to be a consideration when developing your website. Such as, the website needs to be developed using HTML 5 and have a mobile-first approach. It requires a more straightforward and pared-down experience to the desktop version of the same site. Progressive web apps do avoid app store fees and restrictions, but lack in obtaining any desired revenue streams attached to app usage. Lastly, the user needs constant connectivity to access the website, so mobile broadband is always required, and there are browser limitations.  If updates occur to one browser and not another, the end-user would be forced to change from their preferred browser.


Cross-platform Native apps are designed to run on almost all mobile operating systems, the top two being iOS and Android. They access all the functionality of the chosen devices quickly and run on all the devices, such as Apple iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. They look and behave just like a native mobile app using features such as push notifications – which can be a problem for Progressive Web Apps. Since the apps can access hardware & platform of the device, they provide a fast, feature-rich experience that progressive web apps may have problems matching.


At FocustApps, we help you analyze savings in development against the need for performance, offline access, and hardware integration to help you determine which is the best fit for your business. We give you the knowledge so you can select the right solution. Contact us at 502-907-6593 to learn more.