Five Ways To Get The Most Out Of Data

Today every action taken leaves a digital trail. Data is generated when you go online, carry a smartphone, communicate through social media, make purchases online, or using a home device like Alexa. Digital footprints are everywhere. The question is, does your business use its data to know and understand behaviors or user experiences honestly? Here are five tips to use when creating data strategies to gain more insight from user interaction and secure an advantage.

1.    Know What You Have

Are you treating your data as a gold mine? Making sure you are harvesting all of the valuable information is the first step. Don’t assume you know what your users want or need. Stay objective and allow the data to provide insight. Update the data you’re collecting to make sure it’s genuinely capturing everything that influences a user.


2.    Focus on Quality Not Quantity

Capture as much as possible, however only focus on supplying your analytics with the data that matters most. Users’ priorities and needs change regularly, so the technology must be agile and able to adjust so your analytics always hold the highest quality. Use technology that adjusts the data so you can quickly capture continuously changing needs.


3.    Analytics Should Operates in Real-Time

The ability to gain insights into business, user experiences, and behaviors, in real-time, allows a higher understanding of what is happening. With this information, a business can take appropriate action to ensure optimal user experiences or better results. FocustApps builds Real-Time Dashboards for our clients, so they experience this advantageous data usage.


4.    Analytics Should Not Have A Negative Impact

Analytics collection should not affect the website or mobile performance, slow down experiences, or have a negative impact on user experience. While it is critical to capture as much as possible while avoiding blind spots, the user experience needs consideration. Poor user experience equates to poor data collection. At FocustApps, the data collection we build runs seamlessly with no impact on performance.


5.    Platform-Neutral is Critical

The data needs to capture experiences and behavior information from any device, whether laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet. When working with a professional, be sure your data is set up to collect effective analytics regardless of the end source.


FocustApps helps our clients find new ways to collect and genuinely understand their end users’ experiences so we can optimize and grow their business results. Contact Blake Patterson at 502-907-6593 to find out how we can help you with your data collection needs.