Pushing Forward with Digital Transformation In A Pandemic

By fast-tracking digital transformation and rethinking their future business model during the Covid-19 pandemic, companies using technology to keep pushing forward will be the ones to stay ahead of their competition. It’s not surprising some businesses haven’t used the past six months to ramp up their digital transformation goals. Everyone knows it’s a challenging time for some to simply maintain operations, let alone invest in steps to improve. However, here’s why businesses that use the knowledge they have gained from the pandemic to rethink and invest in their technology will have a better chance of recovering faster. 

Now more than ever, there’s a strong case to move forward with digital transformation. The pandemic has shown a tremendous value in embedding flexibility in every dimension of our work, from employees working securely without interruption from anywhere to teams pivoting with new opportunities. So, whether it’s transitioning from paper-based processes to a more productive digitized workflow to streamlining processes that are holding a business back, having the latest technology will speed up the return to solid ground. Additionally, getting started now could pay off sooner than you think by creating lower costs and increasing revenue.

For most companies, efficiency is the most significant benefits of digital transformation. Digitization and automating both save time and allow teams to reallocate people to higher-revenue tasks. So, while putting it off may seem like an answer at the moment, having new systems in place can ensure your business stays on top. One example of business challenges and economic uncertainty are trucking companies. Some have continued moving forward with technology investments despite setbacks. Even though the pandemic has disrupted and taken a heavy financial toll, it has also highlighted the essential value of telematics systems and back-office software.

Digital transformation also affects changing revenues in a transformative way. Almost all processes can be digitized and automated somehow, making it possible to do so much more for so much less time and money. And at a time when every dollar must be accounted for, companies with a robust digital component have found it easier to weather the unexpected.  

To operate effectively over the past few months, we’ve all been digitally transforming our lives – both personally and professionally. And while many businesses have wondered how they can afford to drive digital transformation during a pandemic, the answer is transforming your business will keep you ahead when we return to our new normal. At FocustApps, we can help you get there – contact Blake Patterson at 502.907.6593 to learn how.