Support Contracts – Three Things To Consider

When introducing new technology, considerations should not only include how to utilize it but also how will it be supported and maintained. Contracting for support with the outside developer who created the new technology is the smartest way to avoid downtime. Apart from having the developer continue to manage it without mishap, if any technical issues arise, these difficulties are fixed promptly. Additionally, Information Technology (IT) support contracts ensure a safety net against other losses and the risk of wasting the businesses’ money, resources, and time trying to fix any technical problems. So, here are three things to consider when deciding on a support contract.


General Technology Support Contracts

A Support Contract for new technology should cover all portions of the completed project. It should cover the software acting buggy or having broken information, as well as compatibility issues and security patches. A support contract should also include training to create a smoother transition for users on how to best make use of the new technology. When FocustApps creates technology, the support contract is seamless with a turn-key solution that provides support for applications and data. Additionally, a choice of training options are offered through in-house, on-site, or on-line web meeting versions of the training.


Staff Augmentation Support

In businesses with a growing number of IT projects, success or failure can often hinge on the ability to complete these projects on time, within budget, and to specification. Attempting to use in-house capabilities to complete additional projects can be a costly and risky venture, particularly when IT is continually changing. Staff Augmentation solutions help boost project completion, keep projects on time, and within a specified budget. Using an augmented staff can be part of a support contract decision based on a specific length of time: daily, yearly, or even weekly hours. By determining what staff augmentation is needed, you should then decide if you need dedicated hours or staff usage-based purely based on specified data needs. Also, make sure your contract contains options that can be modified and adjusted throughout the terms of the agreement.


Customizable Support Options

Building custom technology takes time and investment, and it needs protection with a reliable support solution. Customizable support can range from the very simple to the very detailed and also can increase or decrease depending on the needs of the business. It should consider every customer as an individual and look at every contact based on their specific requirements. Such as, at FocustApps, we ultimately leave it up to our customers to choose their level of support customization.


FocustApps offers our customers a support contract full of options that protect and enrich their technology investment. For more information about working with FocustApps or our Support Contracts, contact Blake Patterson at 502-907-6593.