Upgrading Mobile App Engagement

If a mobile app has lots of downloads, it’s easy to believe this metric determines if the app is a success or not. However, it’s one thing to have downloads, and it’s another to engage and retain users.  Without active users, download rates mean absolutely nothing.  The value of your mobile app is in engaging users and retaining them. Low engagement and poor retention are a way of ensuring failure and sign to take a look at upgrading your mobile app. Here are five things to consider when upgrading a mobile experience.


1. Add Seamless Onboarding

Everyone knows a first impression is critical, and the user experience is no exception. A smooth onboarding experience significantly reduces abandonment rates. If a mobile app starts with too many steps to sign up, lots of information fields, or any complicated features, your users will abandon it.


2. Use Push Notifications Carefully

Timely messages are the best way to increase conversion rates because they notify users and create a sense of urgency. However, they need to be sent at the right moment, and they need to be relevant to prevent a user from turning them off or abandoning your app. It’s critical to use push notifications properly since they are a less intrusive method to improve user engagement and effectively drive traffic.


3. Used Tailored Communication

Customized content and insights deliver real value to the mobile user. This type of personalization provides a unique and relevant experience. Users are more likely to continue to use an application aligned with their needs and preferences. Have a plan for using data to display relevant content and material to personalize your users’ experiences.


4. Incentive Programs

If users can’t use your rewards or incentive programs quickly and easily, they probably won’t use them at all. Your mobile app should provide access to your rewards or incentive programs, making it easily accessible and always available. Additionally, users should also be able to enroll in your rewards or incentive programs right on the app.


5. Reach out to uninstalled users

Every mobile app should have a tool that measures uninstalls. Have a system in place to send “we miss you” emails regularly to users who have removed your app. It’s also essential to obtain information about why the app was removed. You need to know what area, onboarding, content, annoying notifications or messages, or any other reason, caused the removal so you can examine if the mobile app needs improvement to retain more users.


If you need help upgrading your mobile app, FocustApps can improve your mobile app performance, show you how to collect the right data, provide what your users are looking for, and have a system to reach out to uninstalls. Contact Blake Patterson at 502-907-6593 to learn more.