Using Mobile App Data to Create Game-Changing Reports

While mobile apps are an excellent tool for gathering data, the real value is in the information they collect. Data details coming directly from mobile apps open new opportunities for businesses because they provide information for creating shrew reporting. Business leaders can have immediate visibility into critical metrics and features that offer opportunities for growth, as well as view business performance. By placing those details into dashboards or reports, businesses can view and utilize mission-critical KPIs to grow sales, determine the value of their resources, or see the failure and successes of equipment. Reports can even use aggregate data generated by the mobile app with current data to reduce the time to query larger sets of data.

Survey assets using mobile app forms to collect data can help businesses determine what products work, or how well current equipment works, or even if it doesn’t. It can show details on failure and successes, as well as provide information on wear and tear. These details can help businesses determine which future investments to make based on performance through the knowledge it provides on how products or equipment work best in specific environments. 

Manufacturers can benefit from this type of data because it provides details on product failures and successes, time-frames, and product lifecycles based on environment and usages, as well as expose why some of their products are successful, and some are not.  Equipment use can be determined, the lifecycle of equipment can be the focus, and business leaders will know how to adjust to make better investments in the future by using specific brands of equipment, or even know how to rotate equipment. 

Viewing mobile data as a tool can also help businesses be better at informing customers. For example, Focustapps client, FXY, uses mobile metrics to help their users make fast decisions when problems with their vehicles arise. When an on-the-road incident occurs, the driver of the vehicle can run metrics and know how long it takes for a tire change or even the length of time a specific vendor needs to make repairs. 

Through the mobile apps FocustApps builds, data provided metrics can be generated into creating a report by developing an internal tool to collect mobile data from repetitive situations. The information can then be exported through Power BI or formed into a pdf report or PowerPoint.  These analytics comes in the form of software that integrates into companies’ existing websites and apps to capture, store, and analyze. This data is vitally important to marketing, sales, and product management teams who use it to make more informed decisions. If you’d like more information on how we can help you with mobile app data, contact Blake Patterson at 502.907.6593.