Where to Start When Developing A Mobile App

With more than 2.2 million mobile apps available in the App Store today, there are a lot of choices. Executing due diligence to determine if your mobile app is needed or wanted is the first step. Start by answering the questions: will the app provide robust solutions, what is the best way to define its purpose clearly, and how will we position it in the market?


Research the Market

The primary goal of doing research should be to determine the unique way a mobile app will serve the market. To build a strong foundation, study both the available market and the competition. This develops a better understanding of how your app will answer the market needs while maintaining uniqueness.


Understand the Users

A great idea, in theory, may not make a great app. Once you’ve chosen the purpose of the app, examine the end users in detail. Clearly understand why the users will want the app as it relates to your products or services.


Solve Issues

Mobile users are searching for apps solving the issues they come in contact with, whether they are day-to-day or isolated occasional experiences. Identifying those issues is a critical step. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and money building a mobile app they may not want or need.


Plan Monetized Options

If you’re undecided on whether or not the mobile app takes in revenue, you need to determine this upfront as a critical part of initial planning and development. Equally, this decision will affect the projected future upkeep of the app. Monetization of an app can be offered in many methods, so wisely make this decision before starting.


User Acquisition Strategy

Remember to create a user acquisition strategy for the completed mobile app. This could differ based on the nature of the app, your target market, and many other factors. Consider ideas such as early strategies through social media or the press, outreach lists or partnerships, and try teasers and early access offers or sign-up pages.


Line Up A Strong Development Team

Lastly, be sure to line up a strong team who can provide you with the best solutions. At FocustApps, we are a full-service, mobile-first development studio with extensive experience in building software and mobile apps. We have over ten years of experience in delivering world-class software solutions. Contact us at 502.907.6593 for details on how we can help you reach a higher level of success.