Why Pre-Project Consultation Matters

Strategic, detail-oriented pre-project planning is key to a successful Information Technology (IT) deployment. While it sounds expensive, it actually can save money in the long run by foreseeing potential difficulties arising along the way.  Your project is not only provided with an advanced look into planning and testing, but pre-planning also ensures schedules are realistic and attainable, tasks are clearly defined, and milestones are achieved, so your project is completed on time and within budget.

New implementations or changes to a current IT system can have lots of unknown variables affecting the results. Hiring an IT consultant provides expertise in drilling down and developing strategies and plans to move through any issues. They also guide you through the selection and procurement of technology, as well as provide training and support for system implementation and operations.

After developing your technology plan, IT consultants collaborate with you to make sense of the best way to deploy the business solution. Your plan includes writing a scope of work detailing the configuration components and other relevant points. During the scoping process, IT consultants work with your organization to identify any network dependencies, risks, and possible scheduled downtime. They additionally consider all pertinent features to be reviewed and ensure your organization is making the best use of technology.

Once the Pre-project consultation is over, your consultant can now leverage their experience and expertise by putting together a thoughtful Project Plan and responsible functionality breakdown and estimate. They help you consider what can be accomplished with existing software as well as understand your advancing technical needs and make unbiased recommendations.

At FocustApps, before presenting a formal proposal to help design and build software solutions, we collaborate with our clients to create a project analysis, answer any questions that they may have, and explain the reasoning for the functionality. We keep our clients involved in solving their IT issues every step of the way. Contact Blake Patterson at 502-907-6593 for more details on how we can help you or read more about our project commitment HERE.