FYX Fleet Roadside Assistance

FYX Fleet Roadside Assistance delivers real-time visibility into a trucking fleet's emergency road repair requests

FYX needed a more modern and consolidated reporting system for their dispatchers, so they contracted with FocustApps to build a new system to improve vendor response time, vendor dispatch time, vendor completion time, the ability to handle more incident per day, and therefore close more incidents per day.
To resolve the situation, FocustApps built a suite of custom mobile applications for vendors and drivers and a central web application for dispatchers that displayed a customized view of multiple reports from multiple sources. The new application suite integrated with their Legacy suite and has increased the number of incident completion, from incident report to fix, per day by over 200%. FYX has continued to partner with FoucstApps on feature enhancements, including a 3-D truck and chassis rendering allowing specific area selections where damage has occurred to the vehicle, along with support, metrics tracking, and more.

FocustApps has implemented:

  • More modern and capable system for their dispatchers
  • A system that improves:
    • Vendor response time
    • vendor dispatch time
    • vendor completion time
    • increased number of incidents closed per day

FocustApps created a mobile application for vendors and drivers that offers:

  • The ability to report an incident right from a phone
  • To chat with a service coordinator
  • The ability to follow a repair status in real-time
  • Make payments with a few simple taps
  • 3-D functionality to select specific areas where vehicle or chassis damage has occurred