Optimizing Fleet Maintenance with FYX

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Executive Summary

FYX Fleet is a 24HR roadside assistance emergency provider for trucks, trailers and chassis. FYX Fleet’s MRP system was a custom legacy system that lived solely on an AS400 (midrange computer system developed by IBM). FYX Fleet growth plan was to increase daily service calls, decrease services completion to payment received timeframe and decrease service event received to service event completed, without introducing additional headcount. Additionally, FYX Fleet wanted to provide their solution as a SAS platform for some of their customers. After providing an in-depth analysis of FYX Fleet’s MRP system, FocustApps found their legacy system was incapable of meeting their current growth plan. Extensive headcount and work redundancy was needed to meet their daily operational and quality objectives. Also, their legacy system was unable to provide customer and vendor self service.


FYX Fleet, a forward-thinking industry leader, embarked on a strategic quest for an advanced real-time Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system, seeking to streamline operations and elevate their interactions with customers and vendors, all while delivering exceptional experiences. Their vision extended beyond their organization, aiming to transform this robust MRP system into a dynamic Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, empowering their clients with cutting-edge capabilities. Partnering with FocustApps, FYX Fleet embarked on a transformative journey, exceeding expectations with precision and innovation, creating a solution that addressed immediate needs while laying the foundation for future growth, both within the company and as a sought-after SaaS platform for their clientele.

Problem Statement

FYX Fleet faced growth challenges with their outdated, inward-facing MRP system, resulting in increased headcount and longer service completion to payment timeframes. Their legacy system’s inefficiency in customer engagement, servicing, invoicing, and payment collection necessitated a solution that could streamline these processes without a significant headcount increase. To achieve this, FYX aimed to transition from their custom legacy MRP system to a modern, client-facing web and mobile portal-enabled MRP solution.

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Proposed Solution

FocustApps introduced an innovative real-time solution, a dedicated portal that transforms customer-vendor interactions. This cutting-edge system streamlines daily services, offering a hands-free experience.

Through the web and mobile apps, FYX Fleet’s customers can swiftly request services, receive invoices, and make payments without involving FYX Fleet staff. Automatic alerts and notifications keep everyone informed throughout the service process, optimizing operations by quickly determining vendor availability and service commitment. This leads to shorter service event durations and faster invoice generation. The user-friendly payment portal expedites invoice receipt and shortens the invoice-to-payment cycle.

In pursuit of these goals, FocustApps harnessed the robust Azure cloud environment for multifaceted purposes, encompassing authentication, storage, and app services. Additionally, FocustApps seamlessly integrated a third-party payment system, rooted in API technology, tailored specifically to the intricacies of the logistics industry. To further enhance operational agility, FocustApps advocated the adoption of PowerBI for internal reporting, empowering key decision-makers with the capability to make real-time adjustments to operational requirements on a daily basis.

Benefits & ROI

FocustApps’ solution optimizes internal operations, streamlining resources and eliminating redundant tasks. Service event exceptions are now managed as part of daily tasks, resulting in a significant increase in daily service events. The integrated tracking system allows FYX to promptly generate invoices upon service completion, reducing invoicing times. Additionally, a user-friendly payment portal enables customers to settle invoices independently. Since the launch of the enhanced FYX Fleet system in 2020, they went from averaging under 40,000 service events annually to achieving 40,000 in just the first six months of 2021 with the introduction of a mobile application for customers and vendors.

After the second release of the new FYX Fleet MRP system in June of 2021, FocustApps increased the number of service events to 70,000 in a 3 month period. Also during this time frame, the average hourly service events from start to completion went from 43 hours to 10 hours. Similarly, the total number of services submitted solely by a customer without the help of FXY personnel went from 900 to 1200 during this same time period. With FocustApps’ solution in place, FYX had a revenue increase of $17.7 million in 2021, and a projected increase of $50 million in 2022.


FYX Fleet’s growth plan to increase service calls, shorten service event durations, and accelerate payment receipt couldn’t be realized with their existing legacy MRP system. They required a new custom system to achieve these goals and offer an enhanced interface for customers and vendors. FocustApps’ cutting-edge cloud solution empowered FYX Fleet by enabling self-service for customers and vendors within a streamlined system, facilitating faster decision-making and improved service. This transformation led to increased service events, reduced timeframes, and quicker receivables processing.

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