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Optimization and Redesign of REACH Influencers

Executive Summary

Founded in 2018 as the first micro-influencing platform, REACH Influencers is a web-based application that connects any size businesses with social media influencers to achieve low-risk and cost-effective marketing through brand ambassadorships. For a small subscription fee, businesses can establish social media campaigns, add influencers who are willing to represent their product or services, and then pay the influencers for approved social media posts. Influencers, however, can join at no cost while earning cash and helping brands grow. All proceeds from platform funding go to the Live Like Landon Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports extraordinary individuals in the areas of entrepreneurship, art, and education by means of grants and scholarships.


Miner, a subsidiary of OnPoint Group, occupies a pivotal role in delivering essential services, yet its online presence presented significant challenges. The website suffered from performance issues, outdated content, and inconsistencies in branding. In response, FocustApps, an expert in web design and development, was entrusted with the critical task of redesigning the Miner website. The primary objective of this redesign project was to harmonize Miner’s web presence with OnPoint Group’s overarching vision. As part of a larger initiative to modernize and standardize all OnPoint Group websites, the project aimed to address specific pain points. The proposed solution involved comprehensive measures to address these challenges. It included performance optimization to ensure faster loading times, a content overhaul to provide accurate and up-to-date information, consistency in branding to create a unified corporate image, and a user-friendly interface to facilitate more engaging interactions.

Miner’s site had more challenges than the other OPG sites due to extensive SEO work that we worked to preserve and improve in the update. The transformation of the Miner website not only aligned it with OnPoint Group’s overarching goals but also exemplified the impact of effective web redesign in improving the user experience and enhancing brand consistency. The following sections of this case study delve into the project’s details, benefits, and outcomes, highlighting the importance of maintaining a strong online presence in line with evolving user expectations and corporate objectives.

Problem Statement

The REACH Influencers web application was initially built by a previous vendor. After experiencing failed deadlines and maintenance that was not properly supported, REACH sought assistance by FocustApps for an all-encompassing website assessment to gauge the following factors:

  • Simplicity and Cleanliness of the Layout
  • Sustainability and Scalability
  • Security
  • Database and Architectural Review

Using Sonar Cloud as a source code analyzing tool, over 289 combined bugs were identified. Code smells, known as the absolute violations of the fundamentals of developing software, found a combined 655 issues indicating poor code quality that increases errors while making it vulnerable to potential bugs and technical debt.

Site speed, measured by time to interaction by Google Lighthouse, was given a score of 37 out of 100, indicating code cleanup and standardizations were needed for improvement. Load time took about 2.8 seconds for the web app and 12.5 seconds for the mobile.
Overall, the website received a grade of C based on average metrics and an F due to concerning security issues identified from the assessment. Each category was presented to the client with a list of recommendations for an initial phase of speed and security optimizations.

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Proposed Solution

After choosing FocustApps as the designated maintenance vendor, we first switched Cloud Providers by moving the previously setup platform from DigitalOcean to AWS for reducing resource costs when it is time for the client to scale.

Database and architectural optimizations included correcting inconsistent and non-standard table naming conventions, properly enforcing token generation and session expirations, and cleanup of console logging and errors occurring on various pages to increase security and performance metrics. In addition, site users can now register using the integrated Google and Facebook account options, decreasing the time to enter the application for the first time. The number of bugs and code smells were drastically reduced when rescanning the platform considering that the entire source code was not re-written in this project.

A study analyzing 5.2 million desktop and mobile pages by determined the average page loading speed for a web page is 10.3 seconds on desktop and 27.3 seconds on mobile and according to Google, 53% of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. Figure 3 demonstrates the reduction of time for the page to load for user interaction with the website on desktop as well as mobile devices after project completion.

Benefits & ROI

Based on the strong relationship built between FocustApps and the client during the first project phase, future iterations will continue making additional functionality improvements that keep both the REACH team and site users happy. Contact FocustApps for your next project.

Before and After Redesign


18% increase from 81
Before and After Redesign


8% increase from 90
Best Practices
Before and After Redesign


9% increase from 83
Scores obtained using Lighthouse via Google Chrome.


The redesign of the Miner website by FocustApps not only addressed the critical issues of poor performance, outdated information, accessibility, and CCPA compliance but also contributed to the broader goal of consistent styling across OnPoint Group websites. Miner’s SEO was kept intact throughout the process and beyond. The project was a success, resulting in a high-performing, up-to-date, and accessible website that met and exceeded the client’s expectations.

Consistency in branding across OnPoint Group websites was a pivotal achievement. The unified, modern styling established a cohesive corporate image. FocustApps is confident that this will improve brand recognition but also strengthened customer trust going forward. This consistency across business units under the OnPoint Group umbrella provided a sense of reliability, which is crucial in today’s highly competitive online landscape.

This project serves as a testament to the positive impact that web redesign can have on user experience, brand consistency, and accessibility, highlighting the importance of ongoing efforts to maintain a strong online presence.

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