New Office Space!!

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After a year of solid growth in our first office we realized we were almost out of space. Although it was never meant to be a long term space, we had hoped to get more than a year out of it. 

All the signs were there that we had outgrown that space. Offices were turning into meeting rooms, meeting rooms were always full, and the idea of bringing on more employees was more stressful than exciting. “Where are they going to sit?” “Can we even fit a desk in that space?”

The hunt for a new space was on.

By December 2018, 4 months after starting our search, we were finalizing the purchase of our new office space. A space that is roughly 3 times larger than our first office, a space that should give us more room to grow. A space that we could actually make ours. 

For the next 6 months we would be renovating.

Walls would be coming down, new walls going up, new floors, fresh paint. Every part of this new space was going to be worked on, from the floors and the ceiling, to the electrical and the plumbing.

And finally…

After 6 months of hard work (contractors, painters, plumbers, electricians, things going smoothly, things not going smoothly, and even the employees pitching in) it is done (mostly), and we are moved in to our new space. 

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