Using Web Real-Time Communications

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Due to Covid-19 and the swell in off-site working environments it created, businesses are increasing in interest in secure custom video or text communications. Web Real-Time Communications or WebRTC allows audio and video communication to work inside a businesses’ web application using a browser, eliminating the need to install plugins or use downloaded applications. It creates a safer and more accessible environment for employees or partners to use for audio or video calling and texting.

Whether you’re searching for a one-on-one video chatting app or your goal is to hold online working meetings with your company’s employees or partners from around the world, WebRTC is your answer. Every business has its unique needs, so video chat requirements vary from one company to another. Proprietary apps, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, can’t be altered according to the specific needs of a business. So, if there is something that doesn’t suit the businesses, you have to tolerate it. Or if there are other features you want, you likely can’t get them. Web RTC allows the configuration of the software based on a company’s specific needs. And if the needs change, the software can be customized to match. 

You also avoid unwanted changes in communication protocols. In other words, if another colleague hasn’t upgraded their version of an app, it can cause communication problems with the updated version. Web RTC based apps don’t have these types of problems due to the nature of the technology. Since you’re not installing anything, you don’t need to keep track of updates or be aware of the current version of an app that supports all of your desired features. A WebRTC app maintains the functionality of your latest version and works on any platform with no need to install third-party add-ons.

Lastly, for security reasons, it’s better to use custom made applications designed to secure the integrity of your data. Regardless of the type of data you’re going to transmit, whether it be text, video, or files, security protocols are built into your Web RTC app, ensuring that the data transfer process is secured with encryption keys. Of particular importance in business communication, this encryption guarantees no third-party can obtain access to the data.

Video communication is here to stay, and we can develop a safe and secure method for video or text information exchanges for your business. For more information, contact Blake Patterson at 502.907.6593 for more information on how we can help you.

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