Advance Your Business With Augmented Reality

Although augmented reality (AR) glasses are still an emerging technology, AR is securing a position in the corporate world. Microsoft HoloLens 2 sells itself by promoting precise, efficient hands-free work using its ergonomic, untethered self-contained holographic device. And as the world continues to move through the COVID-19 pandemic's ebbs and flows, the increased demand for safe remote technologies using augmented reality for business is rapidly becoming a demand.

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Augmented reality is now an everyday accessible experience that adds a new layer of perception and supplements the real environment. An example is the Amazon store, where you can place 3D objects in the real world to make a purchase decision. And all you need is a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. There are even more ways AR can boost the bottom line in business. 

Product Development 

AR is a quick, effective way to compare old and new designs throughout various stages of the development process. When 3D designs are superimposed on the physical world, AR glasses help focus on a better understanding of what works and what needs more development for further improvement.

Product Demonstrations 

Being able to see cutting-edge technology with a new product is an experience that leaves a strong impression on future clients. Using AR glasses delivers authentic experiences and impresses customers three times more than typical marketing tactics. 

Better Conversion Rates

Amazon is an example of how consumers who come into contact with AR can improve a business’ conversion rate. According to Vertebrae’s data, retailer businesses using AR are enjoying a 19% spike in customer engagement. The customer conversion rate increases by 90% for customers engaging with AR versus those that don’t.

Advanced Learning

Students love learning using AR rather than boring old textbooks in today’s technology environment. Visualization is critical in learning, and AR helps students understand abstract concepts and retain more information. Besides, AR makes learning an overall exciting experience.

Safer healthcare

AR advances continue to demonstrate their value in healthcare by providing essential visualization to surgical procedures. AR offers better, well-rounded treatment consultations while connecting medical professionals from all over the world. 

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