Using Cryptocurrency In Web Apps

Since Cryptocurrency spending continues to grow in physical stores and websites, businesses are now considering integrating cryptocurrencies into their web applications. It makes sense since customers don’t see a difference between purchasing with Cryptocurrency or US dollars for their digital apps, game items, and other media. Using blockchain payments adds more security and increases revenue by capitalizing on the cryptocurrency movement. So, here are a few reasons why you should consider cryptocurrency payments.

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No Traditional Credit Card Payments

Traditional web payments utilize credit cards, so the funds are extracted from a line of credit instead of a direct payment. This method allows cardholders to dispute the transaction because it is one-way. When paying with Cryptocurrency, the transaction is exchanged instead of extracted because the customer decides how much currency to send based on the purchase. This mutual exchange prevents chargebacks since both parties agreed to the amount.

No Concerns With Sensitive Data

Credit card processing requires sensitive data; therefore, security protocols need to be in place. Additionally, third-party merchants are often involved in processing. Credit card theft and liability are a concern because a third party can intercept credit card transactions and use the data for unauthorized purchases. Suppose a transaction is intercepted when spending cryptocurrencies. The blockchain transaction contains no private data. Cryptocurrency payments allow users to send money without worrying about their data. 

Blockchain Keeps Data Bases in Order

Switching to Cryptocurrency for in-app purchasing uses verification by blockchain. This allows merchants to track in-app rewards and prevents “reward fraud” through unlawful transactions. Databases are kept in order and ensure that only users who have validated their payment or purchase receive bonuses, rewards, or other program opportunities.

Worldwide Payments

Cryptocurrencies are digital; therefore, it has no boundaries. Paying worldwide with a cryptocurrency system removes the traditional payment method so businesses can sell more and earn more money. Fees are substantially less because it won’t matter what country you are selling in.

Cryptocurrencies will only continue to increase in popularity as time goes on. Integrating blockchain technology to accept cryptocurrencies in your web apps will save you time and money. If you would like to learn more about using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, contact us at 502.907.6593.

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