Using Drones For Asset Tracking

Managed inventory represents a significant portion of assets in a business. So, to efficiently and effectively operate a business reliant on inventory,  precise and reliable asset tracking is essential. Decision making needs to be accurate and timely. Knowing how much inventory is available, and the location, produces effective resolutions for budgets, operations, and finances. The usage of indoor or outdoor drones as an innovative logistic solution improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of tracking inventory.


Outdoor Tracking

Using outdoor drones to track inventory saves manual time, payroll expenses, and eliminates safety risk exposure to employees. Drones can locate hard-to-reach inventory in outdoor locations, regardless of the weather. This situation makes drone usage ideal, especially in challenging climates.


During FocustApps pilot program for TRAC, drones would cover a 100 by 100-yard chassis lot.  This procedure would save workforce expense and improve safety by extending over a full physical inventory using a checking process. The drones would be able to fly in a known pattern, using knows layouts and image analysis to track inventory and provide updates hourly while recording information and not disrupting the traffic in the chassis lot.


Indoor Tracking

Manual indoor inventory accuracy is never guaranteed due to the verification process being laborious, matched with the extended time taken to execute by humans.  Using warehouse drones saves manual time, payroll expense, work disruption, safety risk exposure to employees, and the cost of any required equipment. Businesses can apply drone technology, coupled with advanced optical, RFID, and barcoding sensor capabilities, to significantly improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of cycle counts. By using extensive optical sensors, the inventory drones can navigate, identify inventory, and fly safely in a warehouse environment,  all while not requiring FAA approval.


Indoor drones are ideal for making targeted checks for cycle counts on high-end or high-volume products to deter theft. Warehouse drones are ordered to fly at any rate of repetition to perform automatic inventory checks throughout a facility and accurately record the inventory. This automated identification process also tracks hard-to-reach inventory.


 FocustApps can show your business how to save time and money while keeping employees safer through the usage of drone asset tracking. Contact Blake Patterson at 502.907.6593 to learn more.