Deciding on Mobile or Progressive Web Apps

In today’s world, there is an abundant quantity of options available for mobile app development. The importance of these options amount to the desires of the business and vary from implementation speed, cost, to final product quality. To understand the differences, begin by choosing whether to develop a Progressive Web App or a Mobile App. Both have their place, so here are some facts to consider:


If the app doesn’t require smartphone features, such as cameras or microphone, it may make more sense to develop a progressive web app. Web apps avoid app store memberships, fees, and restrictions when it comes to each software program. However, while web apps offer advantages, another being they perform all of the necessary functions utilizing a web browser instead of installing software, there are disadvantages. Progressive web apps are limited by the browser and can only be used on the supporting browsers it is created to work within. Should there be updates to one browser and not another, your end-users could be forced to change from a browser they use (and possibly like) to another just for your app.


On the other side, mobile apps provide a fast, feature-rich experience that progressive web apps may have problems matching. With the new software development platforms that deploy native apps, these apps use precisely the same code across all platforms for phones and tablets. Another plus is that Push Notifications are also easier when used on native apps. While building a custom mobile app does require both back-end and front-end development resources to create feature-rich user experiences, they are worth it in the long run.


At FocustApps, we help you understand the differences offered by these options by providing you with consultation on Mobile or Progressive Web apps. We give you the knowledge to select the best fit for your solution. Contact us to learn more.