Five Reasons Mobile Apps Are Important in 2019

Over two years ago, mobile apps accounted for nearly half of the global internet traffic and continued to rise again in 2018 rapidly. It is expected 2019 will be no different with more continued growth.  So when developing today’s mobile apps, it’s essential for businesses to understand what users prefer, as well as identify why they choose certain apps. Here are five reasons why mobile apps will continue to be important in 2019 and the most effective ways to develop them.


1.    Easy to communicate with target customers

The average time spent on mobile devices continues to increase rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down. Statistics show the average person spends two hours or more daily on a mobile device. Since most users spend the majority of their time on only a few apps, it’s essential to have a mobile app that communicates quickly and effectively to capture more time.


2.    Apps can capture your audience

The more quality user-experience your app offers the more likely customers will unconsciously develop a strong feeling for it. If an app impresses a user with a smart and rewarding experience, it can be unstoppable from achieving more user traction and popularity among its target audience. Especially crucial for businesses lacking a robust offline presence, with a great app delivering a compelling user experience it can be more effective in obtaining and keeping users.


3.    Provide value

Businesses can see the value of a mobile app due to their vast potential in spearheading growth and driving sales. It’s essential to build a straightforward, focused app allowing quick engagement with a simple, direct interface. So it stands out, be sure the app offers new or different value from your competition.


4.    One-touch promotional tool

Once completed, your mobile app can become your businesses promotional tool that is one click away from customers. So be sure the app follows your branding, offers an experience enticing to your users, and promotes your business.


5.    Get information to users most interested in your business

With mobile apps, companies can stand apart from their competitors and be viewed as more significant in the eyes of the audience. Through interaction with your app, the users most interested in your business will stay and provide you with the ideal audience.


At FocustApps, we are a full-service, mobile-first development studio with extensive experience in building successful software and mobile apps. Our clients experience a high-level, transparent, customer experience resulting in business forward, productive mobile apps. Make 2019 your year to provide information “one click away” from your customers – contact Blake Patterson at 502.907.6593 to learn how we deliver results.