Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile App

App development is a booming industry – with mobile apps forecast to generate nearly $190 billion in revenue by 2020.1 Despite more than five million apps being available, there’s still room for the market to grow, especially when it comes to business apps.

Just having a website is no longer sufficient, as more people rely on smartphones to use the internet. As of 2017, mobile devices account for nearly half of all web page views worldwide.2 Unlike many websites, apps are optimized for mobile use, making them more user-friendly.

Despite the data proving apps’ effectiveness for marketing, you may be wondering why your business needs an app. Here are five ways an app can help your company succeed.

Interactivity With Customers

Many businesses offer a live chat service on their website, but this can be pricey for smaller companies, which may have to outsource to provide this instant customer service functionality. An app can offer a similar interactive experience without the cost.

Customers can post reviews about your business, and you can respond directly through the app. If your company runs on appointments, you can cut back on calls or emails by allowing clients to book, cancel or reschedule an appointment through your app.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing has evolved from flyers sent in the mail to internet-based ads. Businesses can harness the power of mobile advertising by using apps to market their products to customers.

Mobile advertising is expected to represent more than 70 percent of digital ad spending in the U.S. by 2019, and in-app ads comprise a significant portion of this.3

Having an app for your business allows you to gather valuable data about your customers and use that information to more precisely reach them through targeted ads or personalized offers. Utilizing push notifications can help keep your business solutions top of mind with your customers and remind them about your products and services regularly.

Building Brand Awareness

A mobile app can be a blank canvas for your business. You can customize it however you want, but ultimately, it should include helpful features for your customers and fit your brand. This will help boost your image and make you more recognizable.

You also want to make sure your app is easy to use so customers will continue to interact with it and be more likely to buy your product or service.

Improving Engagement

Customers need a way to reach your business. Many of your competitors likely rely solely on phone calls to enable clients to inquire about services or schedule appointments. An app with a messaging feature can help you streamline communication with your customers. For example, an app like TRAC EZBook allows truck drivers to easily reserve chassis for pickup with minimal effort or hassle by completely eliminating the need to call for that information.

Making Your Business More Accessible

Having a mobile presence for your business can help make you more accessible. An app is available 24/7, while your company’s representatives likely aren’t, so customers can still browse your products, schedule appointments and learn more about your services outside regular business hours.

App Development With FocustApps

As mobile technology continues to develop, apps will become an even more important aspect of business marketing and communication for both B2B and B2C enterprises. Many companies shy away from offering an app because they don’t have the tools or experience needed for app development. At FocustApps, we don’t believe this should stop businesses from utilizing the power of mobile apps.

Our team has spent years honing our knowledge to provide custom solutions to fit your business’s needs. Whether you need an app or cross-platform software, we do it all. Call us today at 502.882.0247 or visit us online to get started.


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