Variances of Mobile Frameworks – React Native & NativeScript

Before open-source frameworks, developers had to exchange lower costs and shorter timeframes for performance or part of the user experience. With the introduction of React Native and NativeScript, these limitations no longer exist because these two framework products allow developers to build native-like apps with one codebase and seamless performance. FocustApps uses both NativeScript and React Native to support code-sharing for our clients since they both offer substantial savings on time, costs, and workforce. Additionally, since they share one codebase, they can easily manage, maintain, and deploy updates.

So, what are the differences between React Native and NativeScript? FocustApps uses React Native when its suitable to develop native apps that perform well for iOS and Android, and if you want to use native interfaces for native performances. Because it doesn’t use third-party plugins, the developer can use specific platforms to access hardware functionalities. An example of a React Native mobile app is Walmart. Because Walmart needs to evolve continually, the mobile application uses React Native developer tools to progress the development strategy.

NativeScript is best when the user base requires a true cross-platform approach that requires access to web components with data exchange. NativeScript, combined with Angular, can share large chunks of data between web and mobile apps. As an example, FocustApps uses NativeScript for the mobile apps it has developed for the Logistics Industry. These mobile apps require on-demand performance with immediate information exchanges to a web app for expediting service and protection in emergency roadside assistance in the intermodal and over-the-road trucking.

When choosing between NativeScript and React Native for our development projects, we keep in mind developing a framework that offers the user a high-quality experience. If you’d like more information on how we can help you build your mobile app, contact Blake Patterson at 502.907.6593.