Why Customize E-commerce?

The first decision a company makes when developing an e-commerce business is: should the platform be customized or do we purchase already developed software? Choosing the right e-commerce platform is critical. While it may appear initially to be less costly to buy an “all-in-one/plug and go version,”  off-the-shelf software products often offer limited ability to customize and, in the end, can cost more time and money. Plus, with minimal creativity provided in design, your e-commerce site ends up looking like everyone else.


Creating a custom e-commerce platform with custom modules not only allows for the necessary customization, but it also frees the business from being held hostage to the software developer for maintaining, updating, and creating new and needed modules. With custom, web integration also happens more smoothly because required aspects are built for the website. It also ensures your platform will grow your business the way you want – giving the ability to act quickly to leverage emerging opportunities.


Varied reasons to choose customization are:


Custom Reporting

Custom development allows unique facilitation of import and export data, plus the creation of custom reporting, comparisons, and market opportunities.


Address Workflow Challenges

Custom workflow architecture will be specific to the business. Unique fields at checkout explicitly created for business needs.


Shipping Integration

Customized shipping is essential for growth and customer satisfaction, including integrated local sales taxes, weight, and location of inventory. Plus, Intermodal integration allows you to combined shipping methods, compare prices, assess taxes, automatically produce and deploy tracking information.

Manage Inventory

Customize ways to track and integrate inventory with manufacturing and orders are possible. You can see real-time inventory figures allowing automated ordering processes and custom system allowing control over multiple product lines.


At FocusApps, we help our clients find the answers by creating custom e-commerce platforms and through our guidance purchase the correct themes and platforms to allow further creation and customization. For information on how we can help you with your e-commerce platform, contact Blake Patterson at 502-907-6593 for details.