Why Use Augmented Reality In Mobile Apps

Augmented Reality (AR) is helping mobile app users do everything from disassembling things, without actually disassembling, to playing games like PokémonGo, where mystic creatures appear to be in reality. For many, they don’t even realize the app they’re using is AR; they know it’s fun and cool. Here are a few ways augmented reality is transforming mobile app design and why you should consider using AR.


New Social Experiences

Augmented reality famously reached a peak with the release of PokémonGo. Overnight, users were all over the place, maneuvering the entire world like a playground and visiting new locations to catch the coveted Pokémon characters. This new type of mobile usage allows users to interact with the environment as well as other users in new and exciting ways.


Increases Purchasing

Retailers like IKEA and Amazon use AR as a way to give customers a full visualization of what furniture or objects would look like when placed in a living space. Using a visualization app for iPhone and Android, customers have the ability to virtually place products before buying.  IKEA even takes this idea one step further and allows users to place multiple items in a virtual room. This type of AR builds sales and allows users a way to design a space and virtually “try before you buy.”


Removes Risk

Mobile applications using AR make a jump from design to a powerful way of learning, especially when learning from AR failures. Models in industries such as medical, training, and engineering can be taken apart and put back together, tested, and retested, all without actually being disassembled. This new concept takes options for experimentation and learning to a new level.


Enables Object Recognition

AR provides easy and convenient ways for users to get accustomed to using new devices. This type of AR is used for machinery, smart home appliances, or even car dashboards. As an example, users who own Mercedes Benz cars can operate AR combined with a chatbot to recognize various objects within their vehicle. They gain access to additional information through a virtual manual on a smartphone. Using a virtual chatbot assistant, new vehicle drivers can ask questions about a selected car on their smartphone screen or scan elements of the vehicle, which is identified, and its functionality explained.


Will Remake the World

Mobile app design is leading the way with the usage of AI to create better experiences for brand users. Only the surface has been scratched of what AR can do on mobile devices. New connected devices, advancing technology, and better insights into a successful design will enhance interactions with each other and the world around us.


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