Why Use Custom Dispatch and Logistics Applications

Most out-of-the-box web dispatch and logistics software make the claim they can be customized for every role in your business. Options could include helping dispatchers be more efficient, offer drivers safe options for road incidents, or providing metrics so your business can make better decisions. So, while these options are available, why should you customize? First, customizing your software gives you the ability to develop a suite of both a mobile app and web applications. And, since dispatch and logistics companies often require road transportation, developing your custom applications will give you endless business options. 

One example would be needing side-of-road or shop repairs when a vehicle has had an incident. FocustApps has developed software that smartly determines how to match vendors with a driver when an incident occurs. Lightning-fast recommendations over a mobile app minimize the time to find a current vendor’s availability as well as list the top 5 vendors for the job. By determining these parameters using specific requirements – such as the incident or past incidents for this type of repair – the driver can do a proximity search with speed and efficiency that’s hard to beat. A custom mobile app can also add a chatbot to respond with the driver to help dispatch the proper vendor.

Using a custom web application also gives a logistics or dispatch company the ability to create its top vendor network and rate it by response speed or hourly rate. As incidents occur, the chosen top vendors have the option to decline or accept repair work. Reasons for declining can be based on many parameters, including time and availability. This way, drivers involved in an incident are always being offered the fastest and closest solution.

Custom development can also include the ability to score and rate vendors based on reasons, such as work refusal, to allow for always having the most responsive vendors show on the mobile application first. You can also set the desired parameters where the vehicle can only sit with a “no-longer-than” time frame by the vendor. Hourly metrics can also be added based on the history of times required for specific incident types – such as roadside service verses in-shop service.

The business can track vendors and incidents with an ETA for every incident by adding a custom dashboard. They can search in a specific area of the incident so a business can know where all their drivers, vehicles, and repair crews are in relation to their location on a map. A backend dashboard can track driver, incidents, have a map view, and hold all vendor contracts. It can also be a way to track repair costs per driver and show billing.

Using custom development for mobile and web apps, FocustApps creates responsive and smart answers for any company seeking logistic or dispatch solutions. To learn more about how we can help you, contact Blake Patterson at 502-502.907.6593.