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Redesigning the MINER Website

Executive Summary

The primary objective of this project was to address poor website performance, outdated information, and enhance accessibility, adding new compliance measures with CCPA, aligning the MINER website with the broader initiative of redesigning all OnPoint Group websites. Through many acquisitions and mergers, the OnPoint Group sites became mismatched and disorganized. This endeavor sought to bring all OnPoint Group sites to the same standard of quality and match the new brand guidelines. The outcome is a modern, high-performing, and accessible website that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations.


MINER, a subsidiary of OnPoint Group, occupies a pivotal role in delivering essential services, yet its online presence presented significant challenges. The website suffered from performance issues, outdated content, and inconsistencies in branding. In response, FocustApps, an expert in web design and development, was entrusted with the critical task of redesigning the MINER website. The primary objective of this redesign project was to harmonize MINER’s web presence with OnPoint Group’s overarching vision. As part of a larger initiative to modernize and standardize all OnPoint Group websites, the project aimed to address specific pain points. The proposed solution involved comprehensive measures to address these challenges. It included performance optimization to ensure faster loading times, a content overhaul to provide accurate and up-to-date information, consistency in branding to create a unified corporate image, and a user-friendly interface to facilitate more engaging interactions.

MINER’s site had more challenges than the other OPG sites due to extensive SEO work that we worked to preserve and improve in the update. The transformation of the MINER website not only aligned it with OnPoint Group’s overarching goals but also exemplified the impact of effective web redesign in improving the user experience and enhancing brand consistency. The following sections of this case study delve into the project’s details, benefits, and outcomes, highlighting the importance of maintaining a strong online presence in line with evolving user expectations and corporate objectives.

Problem Statement

The MINER website faced several critical challenges:

1. Poor Performance: Slow loading times and inconsistent functionality hindered the user experience, potentially turning away prospective clients and existing users.

2. Outdated Information & Inconsistent Styling: The website contained obsolete content and old branding that did not reflect the current state of the company’s services, leading to confusion among visitors.

3. Accessibility: The existing website was not optimized for accessibility, potentially excluding individuals with disabilities from accessing essential information.

4. New and Evolving Compliance: In recent years, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was put in place to help tackle issues of online privacy and make sure that websites were transparent about how they used user data on the web. MINER needed to ensure their site would handle user information safely and transparently in order to meet this standard.

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Proposed Solution

FocustApps embarked on a comprehensive redesign project to address these issues and align the MINER website with the company’s broader goals. Key components of the proposed solution included:

1. Performance Optimization: FocustApps employed best practices in web development to enhance website performance, resulting in faster loading times and improved user experience.

2. Content Overhaul & Branding Update: The content was updated to reflect the latest services and information accurately, ensuring that visitors received the most up-to-date and relevant data. The new design ensured a consistent, cohesive look and feel with other OnPoint Group websites, reinforcing the company’s brand identity.

3. Accessibility Enhancements: FocustApps implemented web accessibility standards, making the website more easily accessible to those with disabilities.

4. Compliance Tool Integration: FocustApps integrated the OneTrust Cookie Consent tool with the site to meet CCPA requirements.

Benefits & ROI

Before FocustApps started the redesign process, the site was performing poorly across the board. After the redesign, performance and accessibility improved dramatically: scores for performance, accessibility, and best practices reaching 92-100% consistently. As part of this process, the site will be continuously maintained and improved to keep it at this high standard.

Before and After Redesign


18% increase from 81
Before and After Redesign


8% increase from 90
Best Practices
Before and After Redesign


9% increase from 83
Scores obtained using Lighthouse via Google Chrome.


The redesign of the MINER website by FocustApps not only addressed the critical issues of poor performance, outdated information, accessibility, and CCPA compliance but also contributed to the broader goal of consistent styling across OnPoint Group websites. MINER’s SEO was kept intact throughout the process and beyond. The project was a success, resulting in a high-performing, up-to-date, and accessible website that met and exceeded the client’s expectations.

Consistency in branding across OnPoint Group websites was a pivotal achievement. The unified, modern styling established a cohesive corporate image. FocustApps is confident that this will improve brand recognition but also strengthened customer trust going forward. This consistency across business units under the OnPoint Group umbrella provided a sense of reliability, which is crucial in today’s highly competitive online landscape.

This project serves as a testament to the positive impact that web redesign can have on user experience, brand consistency, and accessibility, highlighting the importance of ongoing efforts to maintain a strong online presence.

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