Building a Website & Brand Guideline for Pinnacle Roofing

pinnacle roofing site shown in web and mobile

Executive Summary

This case study outlines the process and outcomes of developing a WordPress website and establishing branding guidelines for a newly established roofing repair company, aiming to enhance its online presence and brand recognition.


Pinnacle Roofing, a company early in it’s career, recognized the need for a robust online presence to attract customers and establish credibility in a competitive market. The absence of a digital footprint prompted the initiation of a project to create a WordPress website and establish cohesive branding guidelines that reflect the company’s ethos and expertise.

Problem Statement

Pinnacle Roofing lacked a contemporary online platform, hindering its visibility and accessibility to potential clients. The absence of a standardized brand identity also posed challenges in conveying a consistent message and building brand recognition in the industry.

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Proposed Solution

The project aimed to develop a user-friendly WordPress website that showcases the company’s services, expertise, and values. Additionally, creating comprehensive branding guidelines—including logo design, color palette, typography, and brand voice—was crucial to ensure consistency across all communication channels.

Benefits & ROI

Enhanced Online Presence: A professionally designed website increases visibility and accessibility to potential clients.
Cohesive Brand Identity: Establishing branding guidelines ensures a consistent and recognizable brand image.
Improved Credibility: A well-crafted online presence and branding instill trust and credibility among the target audience.
Increased Customer Engagement: A user-friendly website encourages user interaction and inquiries.

Before and After Redesign


18% increase from 81
Before and After Redesign


8% increase from 90
Best Practices
Before and After Redesign


9% increase from 83
Scores obtained using Lighthouse via Google Chrome.


The successful completion of this project resulted in a visually appealing and contemporary WordPress website for Pinnacle Roofing, aligning with the company’s newly defined branding guidelines. The implementation of a consistent brand identity will facilitate greater recognition and trust among existing and potential clients, contributing to the company’s growth and success in the roofing repair industry.

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