Using 3D in Mobile Applications

In a world of shortened attention spans, using 3D visuals on a mobile app is a great way to hold a user’s concentration longer because 3D adds a higher level of interactivity. The visuals allow users to discover how something works, so it provokes them to expand their interaction time through exploration.  This interactivity enhances the value of a mobile application, elevate your brand, and keep users returning for more.

3D offers users a full view of the product they desire to purchase or even the concept of how a product works. The sense of dimension that you are viewing on the mobile application in 3D seems real and tangible, making it more appealing. The idea of seeing or rotating something gives the purchaser the ability to better understand before making a final decision.

There are also mobile apps designed to feature 3D with a focus on visualization. You can design a 3D model and, if you are also using an augmented feature, actually place them in the real world. One example is viewing a complete build-out of a new office. You can create office layouts, furnish them, and even decorate to see the office’s complete design before starting. Another example is maintenance engineers being able to view spare parts inventory on their devices, locate the correct spare parts, view it in 3D, and check for its availability in the factory.

FocustApps partnered with our client, FYX™, on developing 3D feature enhancements for their mobile app. These unique features included a 3-D truck and chasse rendering. After a driving incident has taken place, the 3-D rendering allows the driver to view specific area selections to determine where damage has occurred. This knowledge saves wait time for the driver who can then contact the proper facility for a repair and describe the damaged area.

Businesses are becoming aware of the benefits of mobile apps with 3D features because users can capture ideas and concepts, view drawings and models, and have the ability to collaborate with others. 3D mobile tools and apps explicitly created for businesses are becoming part of the mobile app market, aiming to enhance the user experience even further. One can access 3D models and drawings of products to solve problems immediately on a mobile device, which can then increase the response time to clients’ queries or problems. 

By using 3D in mobile apps, FocustApps creates an engaging experience that replaces the tired one-dimension views. We develop creative and exciting mobile ideas to advance our clients experience, elevate their brands, and keep their users coming back for more. For more information, contact Blake Patterson at 502-502.907.6593 for more information about how we can help you.