Using AI & Chatbots In Applications

As technology advances users will see various emerging trends helping businesses collect useful data that increases the user experience and engagement.  One of those is the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots in web and mobile applications. Innovations in AI and machine learning technologies are enhancing the features of chatbots. According to the Business Insider, the global chatbot market is expected to reach 1.25 billion by 2025. Here are four reasons why businesses are giving high consideration to these newer technologies.


Easily Integrates Into Applications

Part of this movement is due to chatbots and AI being easy to integrate into existing applications. The usage of AI is on the rise, and this technology allows businesses to collect the data and develop analysis to help take necessary actions. Combined, they both add quality to applications as well as increase mobile downloads and user engagement. Adding chatbots and AI to mobile apps also gives an edge over the competition by increases conversions while collecting data.


Engaging Customer Interaction

The critical benefit of chatbots and AI is the customer interaction is more engaging. An example is our FocustApps Virtual Receptionist Application. Through an electronic device, guests interact with a touchscreen display to contact the person they are visiting. The individual responds and either access is allowed, or simple chatbot conversations with the guest using AI can occur. Guests are provided with a unique and friendly alternative to the typical front desk receptionist and the business saves time and money.


Ability To Collect High-Level Data

Interactive chatbots have added new possibilities to conversational marketing. Chatbots and AI make any messaging app solutions complete and are present in some of the major chat applications like Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or iMessage. By having a high response to conversations, chatbots increase business by assuring good engagement and customer conversion. They get to know users better, and though AI can recommend new ideas for higher engagement. These benefits lure in the high-quality leads with every chat while collecting user data like name & email addresses.


Industries Successfully Using AI and Chatbots

Chatbots will get to know the user’s taste and preferences through appealing conversations. The most common industries where chatbots and AI are used is ECommerce and Customer Service due to their availability to answer user queries. Chatbots and AI replace customer experiences over phone lines or search tools. As an example, Ebay’s ShopBot has shown the potential of chatbots helping customers find ideal products by using digital shopping assistants.


Chatbots in banking are programmed with clearly defined, specific tasks. Users can view transaction history, making cash transfers, check balances, and locating the nearest automated teller machine (ATM). Bank of America is one example using chatbots in this industry through a chatbot/virtual assistant named Erica.


Another primary industry where the chatbots and AI are used is news and publishing. Chatbots and AI provide highly personalized service for delivering desired content to viewers and readers online.


Event organizers are using chatbots to facilitate buying tickets as well as relaying event information to attendees. Valuable information, such as programs and schedules, nearest parking spaces, directions, WiFi passwords, and floor plans, are made accessible through a chatbot.


AI and chatbots never stop, never get tired of chatting, and work for a business 24-7. FocustApps wants to show your company the advantage of using chatbots in your web and mobile applications. Contact Blake Patterson at 502.907.6593 for details on how we can help your business integrate AI and chatbots into your software.