March 2020

Choosing Between A Mobile App Or A Mobile-Friendly Website

Whether to continue with a mobile-friendly website or develop a specific mobile app becomes a key question for businesses as technology changes more with each passing year. According to Broadband Search, 58.8 percent of the world’s population accesses the internet, and mobile traffic is up 222% from 2013-2019. Knowing this trend will only increase, businesses are determining to define which option is the most productive way to engage more users and drive more traffic? Here are some differences to consider between a mobile website and a mobile app.

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Using Drones For Asset Tracking

Managing inventory represents a significant portion of assets in a business. So, to efficiently and effectively operate a business reliant on inventory, precise and reliable asset tracking is essential. Decision making needs to be accurate and timely. Knowing how much inventory is available, and the location, produces effective resolutions for budgets, operations, and finances. The usage of indoor or outdoor drones as an innovative logistic solution improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of tracking inventory.

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