Building Apps With A 50/50 Custom Solution

We have focused our recent articles on No-Code and Low-Code platform options. No-code is typically used to create apps that handle simple functions, while at the same time, Low-code is a little more robust in allowing developers to develop stronger solutions without writing much code. The differences increase when building an application with a half-custom 50/50 solution. This type of development uses highly evolved integrations, such as SharePoint, ServiceNow, and SalesForce, and are perfect examples of platforms where building extensive custom happens within these applications.

Building Apps Using Low-Code

As explained in our recent article, Building Apps Using No-code, the No-Code platform option is typically used to create apps that handle simple functions. So, what are the key differences between No-code and Low-code? To start with, Low-code is a little more robust and allows developers to create stronger solutions without writing a lot of code. Low-code platforms provide visual editors and reusable actions that developers can drag and drop into processes for rapid development. This platform enables developers to assemble and build applications without researching, writing quickly and testing new scripts.

Building Apps Using No Code

No-code development platforms are tools for building software applications without coding. While this seems like a promising alternative to traditional software development, you must wonder what is left out because computers run on code. Is no-code like out-of-the-box software? Well, yes and no. This platform looks like a good answer, especially since non-technical business users always look for ways to build their full-fledged applications. But before considering this alternative, consider these platforms’ advantages and disadvantages.

Key Differences Between Azure and AWS Storage

Rather than investing in databases, software, and hardware, choosing a resource-sharing provider like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure can save revenue. This pay-for-as-you-use cloud computing model allows users to rent rather than purchase IT infrastructure. While both cloud providers AWS and Azure have functions and services distributed across multiple data centers, how do you know which is best for your business? Here are some of the differences to consider.

FocustApps Creates Free Drawing Application

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE IT Development Studio FocustApps creates a Free Drawing Application Full-service IT development studio inspires creativity with a Free Drawing Application for all ages – My Doodlebot! LOUISVILLE, Ky. – (June 22, 2022) – FocustApps is pleased to announce their latest mobile application creation – My Doodlebot! Inspiring creativity for all ages, My Doodlebot! challenges users with new …

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FocustApps Announces New Director of Business Development

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FocustApps Welcomes New Director of Business Development LOUISVILLE, Ky. – (June 15, 2022) – FocustApps announces Becky Faith as our new Director of Business Development. We are so excited for her to join the FocustApps team! Becky previously worked at TransPay Solutions for 17 years and is a 1994 graduate of Bellarmine University. …

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Using Cryptocurrency In Web Apps

Since Cryptocurrency spending continues to grow in physical stores and websites, businesses are now considering integrating cryptocurrencies into their web applications. It makes sense since customers don’t see a difference between purchasing with Cryptocurrency or US dollars for their digital apps, game items, and other media. Using blockchain payments adds more security and increases revenue by capitalizing on the cryptocurrency movement. So, here are a few reasons why you should consider cryptocurrency payments.

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