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Using 3D in Mobile Applications

In a world of shortened attention spans, using 3D visuals on a mobile app is a great way to hold a user’s concentration longer because 3D adds a higher level of interactivity. The visuals allow users to discover how something works, so it provokes them to expand their interaction time through exploration. This interactivity enhances the value of a mobile application, elevate your brand, and keep users returning for more.

Choosing Between A Mobile App Or A Mobile-Friendly Website

Whether to continue with a mobile-friendly website or develop a specific mobile app becomes a key question for businesses as technology changes more with each passing year. According to Broadband Search, 58.8 percent of the world’s population accesses the internet, and mobile traffic is up 222% from 2013-2019. Knowing this trend will only increase, businesses are determining to define which option is the most productive way to engage more users and drive more traffic? Here are some differences to consider between a mobile website and a mobile app.

Why Use Augmented Reality In Mobile Apps

Augmented Reality (AR) is helping mobile app users do everything from disassembling things, without actually disassembling, to playing games like PokémonGo, where mystic creatures appear to be in reality. For many, they don’t even realize the app they’re using is AR; they know it’s fun and cool. Here are a few ways augmented reality is transforming mobile app design and why you should consider using AR.

Upgrading Mobile App Engagement

If a mobile app has lots of downloads, it’s easy to believe this metric determines if the app is a success or not. However, it’s one thing to have downloads, and it’s another to engage and retain users. Without active users, download rates mean absolutely nothing. The value of your mobile app is in engaging users and retaining them. Low engagement and poor retention are a way of ensuring failure and sign to take a look at upgrading your mobile app. Here are five things to consider when upgrading a mobile experience.

Hack for Good

FocustApps “Hacks for Good” for the Ronald McDonald House Charities Kentuckiana

Update: Congratulations to our Team Members Tyler and Sam for winning the Utility Category in the Angular and NativeScript Charity “Hack for Good” Hackathon Weekend!

Five Reasons for Developing A Mobile App

Mobile apps can do so much more than appeal to your current and potential customers. Through their convenience, they can increase engagement, offer sales on-the-go, and capture data that not only increases sales but offers knowledge on how to test new ideas. The opportunities they offer a business can save time and money,  so here are five reasons why you should develop a mobile application.

Deciding on Mobile or Progressive Web Apps

In today’s world, there is an abundant quantity of options available for mobile app development. The importance of these options amount to the desires of the business and vary from implementation speed, cost, to final product quality. To understand the differences, begin by choosing whether to develop a Progressive Web App or a Mobile App. Both have their place, so here are some facts to consider:

Where to Start When Developing A Mobile App

With more than 2.2 million mobile apps available in the App Store today, there are a lot of choices. Executing due diligence to determine if your mobile app is needed or wanted is the first step. Start by answering the questions: will the app provide robust solutions, what is the best way to define its purpose clearly, and how will we position it in the market?

Five Reasons Mobile Apps Are Important in 2019

Over two years ago, mobile apps accounted for nearly half of the global internet traffic and continued to rise again in 2018 rapidly. It is expected 2019 will be no different with more continued growth.  So when developing today’s mobile apps, it’s essential for businesses to understand what users prefer, as well as identify why they choose certain apps. Here are five reasons why mobile apps will continue to be important in 2019 and the most effective ways to develop them.

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