Why Create Dashboards From Your Data

Having a visual representation of your data can be critical to any business. The word “dashboard” implies machine operated, and business dashboards are used in the same way. The business has hundreds of moving parts impacting overall performance. Dashboards summarize the data from these moving parts with easy-to-understand, real-time visuals.  Almost any type of business can benefit from having a dashboard aligning them with their objectives. Here are three types of dashboards than can benefit any business.

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Upgrading Mobile App Engagement

If a mobile app has lots of downloads, it’s easy to believe this metric determines if the app is a success or not. However, it’s one thing to have downloads, and it’s another to engage and retain users. Without active users, download rates mean absolutely nothing. The value of your mobile app is in engaging users and retaining them. Low engagement and poor retention are a way of ensuring failure and sign to take a look at upgrading your mobile app. Here are five things to consider when upgrading a mobile experience.

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Five Ways To Get The Most Out Of Data

Today every action taken leaves a digital trail. Data is generated when you go online, carry a smartphone, communicate through social media, make purchases online, or using a home device like Alexa. Digital footprints are everywhere. The question is, does your business use its data to know and understand behaviors or user experiences honestly? Here are five tips to use when creating data strategies to gain more insight from user interaction and secure an advantage.

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Support Contracts – Three Things To Consider

When introducing new technology, considerations should not only include how to utilize it but also how will it be supported and maintained. Contracting for support with the outside developer who created the new technology is the smartest way to avoid downtime. Apart from having the developer continue to manage it without mishap, if any technical issues arise, these difficulties are fixed promptly. Additionally, Information Technology (IT) support contracts ensure a safety net against other losses and the risk of wasting the businesses’ money, resources, and time trying to fix any technical problems. So, here are three things to consider when deciding on a support contract.

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Why Pre-Project Consultation Matters

Strategic, detail-oriented pre-project planning is key to a successful Information Technology (IT) deployment. While it sounds expensive, it actually can save money in the long run by foreseeing potential difficulties arising along the way.  Your project is not only provided with an advanced look into planning and testing, but pre-planning also ensures schedules are realistic and attainable, tasks are clearly defined, and milestones are achieved, so your project is completed on time and within budget.

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Five Reasons for Developing A Mobile App

Mobile apps can do so much more than appeal to your current and potential customers. Through their convenience, they can increase engagement, offer sales on-the-go, and capture data that not only increases sales but offers knowledge on how to test new ideas. The opportunities they offer a business can save time and money,  so here are five reasons why you should develop a mobile application.

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Cross-Platform Native Verses Progressive Web Apps

With the recent development of cross-platform tools, there comes the quandary of which is the best option for a business – Cross-Platform Native or Progressive Web Apps? Both can offer quicker implementation speed and less cost in development time. However, to understand the differences, you need to understand the facts. Here are some to consider:

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FocustApps Developers To Speak At Code PaLOUza 2019

FocustApps Developers Tyler Stephenson & Tyler Blake to speak at Code PaLOUza 2019 Louisville Developer Conference features presentations from well-known professionals LOUISVILLE, Ky. – (August 19, 2019) – FocustApps is pleased to announce developers Tyler Stephenson and Tyler Blake have been chosen to speak at the upcoming Code PaLOUza Developers Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.  Tyler Stephenson

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